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Services for Churches


Backed by an experienced team of knowledgeable financial professionals, Williams Financial Group is your trusted Maryland-based financial services firm offering income protection and wealth accumulation strategies for Churches.

We help build out a pilot with each and every church for every religion and provide financial planning that follows biblical principles. We will take care of the pastor, the congregation across three levels, and take care of the churches employees. We help the churches by raising funds by both increasing cash flow from tithing through financial education and lump sums in the form of a death benefit and annuities. 

We want to nurture long-term relationships with clients to give them peace of mind in a tumultuous time. We know you’re pressed for time – you’re busy with your everyday lives and as such need to rely on someone who can establish, enhance, incorporate and monitor your financial plan so you can concentrate on more important things. That’s where we come in: let us help you balance your financial needs and your career through comprehensive advisory services that gel with your schedule.

We lay out your options so you can easily understand them, providing you with the necessary tools to monitor your financial information in one place. Now THAT’S peace of mind!

For Pastors, Church Congregation, and Church Employees.

Are you wondering whether it’s best to pay off your loans or save for retirement? Are you contemplating whether to save for your children’s college or refinance your mortgage? These are all tough questions that we can help with. We can help you prioritize your finances and manage your debt load so you get the professional guidance that your unique situation calls for. We can help you answer other pressing questions as well, such as whether you qualify for loan forgiveness or repayment programs, or whether you should enlist in consolidation or income-based repayment.

If those who “gain all they can and “save all they can” will likewise “give all they can”, then the more they gain the more they will grow and grace, and the more treasurer they will lay up in heaven- John Wesley, “The Use of Money”

Faith and Finances

Faith and Finances Intersect. Most people are surprised to discover that Jesus talked about money and possessions twice as much as he did about heaven and hell, five times as much as he talked about prayer, and that nearly half of Jesus parables deal with how we manage money and possessions.

“Wealth hastily gotten will dwindle, but those who gather little by little will increase it”-Proverbs 13:11.